Newell: Trump’s Supreme Court nominee would be choice of Founding Fathers

Newell Normand
July 11, 2018 - 10:49 am

President Trump made his choice.  He picked Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace the retiring Anthony Kennedy.

So who is Brett Kavanaugh? What do we know about him?

Check out some of Newell Normand's HOT TAKES:

  • This was obviously a deliberated decision by President Donald Trump, and I think it was a very learned one. This is a guy who brings a breadth and depth of institutional knowledge and wisdom all kinds look for in a judicial nominee.
  • Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a guy who says you need to interpret the laws and the Constitution the way they are written and not put your own opinions into it.  That's important for defending us from a government trampling the Bill of Rights.
  • Kavanaugh is coming from the Washington, D.C. Circuirt Court; and he has over 300 opinions.  He has experience. It's all about the preservation of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
  • He is a “textualist,” meaning the text of the laws—the words have meaning.  If the statute or law is clear, you give that all the deference it is due.
  • Kavanaugh’s also an “originalist,” which means you have to apply the Constitution as it was written and as it was publicly understood.  We don't have to go down the slippery slope of judicial activism where we bring our own personal feelings and philosophies into the court. Truth is, Kavanaugh is the kind of judge the originators of the Constitution...our founding fathers...would’ve selected. 
  • He is an avid, serious legal scholar.  Kavanaugh taught courses at law schools.  Not all judges can say that.
  • When you listen to the left on this nomination, it's Armageddon.  There's this outcry that a Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh would bust the notion of stare decisis and get rid of precedent. They're going scorched earth - full on panic.
  • I say, be careful what you ask for - or whom you attempt to reject.  If Kavanaugh is not approved (which I don’t see happening), whomever comes after him will be far more extreme.

Listen to Newell's entire conversation with Heritage Foundation legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky...and callers on both sides...below.

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