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Newell unloads on illegal dumpers: "They should be in jail!"

Citizens must vigilantly fight back against "me-centric" knuckleheads tossing their refuse in public waterways

Newell Normand
July 17, 2019 - 4:47 pm

Amid a conversation about the seemingly endless challenges the Sewerage and Water Board faces, Newell read a blood-boiling text today from a listener that read, "I just passed by Florida Avenue and Pauger St and saw two men dumping trash into the canal. We will never keep drains clean as long as we tolerate using the canals for dumps and yardman disposal."

Just to get this out of the way - if you see someone doing that, you should make note of their license number and call 911. Because that's illegal, obviously, but it also messes with our drainage system, which anyone can tell you, doesn't need any extra messing with. Not only that - it ties into a larger issue Newell has talked about on the show before.

"Those knuckleheads need to go to jail," Newell responded, "because that is the exact conduct and attitude that we need to make sure we fight back on; this culture of non-compliance! It's good for them, it's easy for them, they dump their crap in our canals, and therefore make it harder for us to clean the screens out in front of the drainage pumps when the storms come, the water's there and we're not able to move water through the screens because these knuckleheads are dumping trash into the canal." 

"Absolutely ridiculous," he continued, "but that's the ignorance that we're dealing with. People don't want to be bothered with having to go to the dump. You gotta pay the man, it takes time, it's not good for me, so I'll just back up my truck into a canal, or out in the East, and dump it on public property and just get rid of it that way. Selfish! Irresponsible! Obnoxious! Illegal! And they ought to go to jail!"

Newell reiterated that this is a systemic problem in the culture of our city and if we don't take responsibility for turning it around, nobody else will. The citizens of New Orleans need to take the lead here.

"If we don't set the bar at a point where we're not willing to accept anything less, folks, we will never turn this thing around, plain and simple. And littering is one of those areas that plays a significant role as an impediment to being able to move water from streets into the drainage system, unimpeded into the canals and into the pumps. If we witness this, we should call it in, let the authorities know, and catch them!

After all, when someone illegally dumps trash in a canal, there are downstream implications for you - yes, you!

"These are not the cities' canals, these are not Sewerage and Water Board's canals, these are our canals, and they're really our canals as the water is slapping on the threshold of your front door in your home!"

Listen to Newell's rant and conversation with listeners below.


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