Newell: Today is a day for healing

Newell Normand
February 15, 2018 - 4:57 pm

17 people were murdered in a school shooting in Florida on Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday,  Valentine's Day.  Another 15 people were injured. In the coming days and weeks, there will be conversations about how best to keep our schools safe and prevent tragedies like this one from happening again.  But today is not the day for that.

Today is the day for healing.

We want to view this as something out of the ordinary, that this is not something that is just pure evil.  The investigation is in the preliminary stages, but what I can tell you is this…what the shooter did is cowardly.  He's a coward.  It was absolutely horrendous.  It shocks the conscience. What happened should not happen.

While the FBI was not able to stop this, the upside is that they were at least aware of him and some of his postings online.  It was on their radar, so obviously they have the platforms in place for that to be highlighted…for them to look.  The challenge is that law enforcement can hit dead ends online with assumed names or even phony IP addresses.

It appears the FBI took this seriously, and they tried to get an identity on this individual.  They just weren't able to do so.  It's easy for people to shield their identities online.  But I was encouraged that law enforcement was looking into him.

With how vocal the shooter was online and with all the comments from people who knew him saying they thought there was something weird about him, it's easy to judge. The fact of the matter is with the old adage “See Something, Say Something,” sometimes you don't want to be judgmental; but sometimes you have to be.

School campuses are a reflection of the community at large.  The challenges outside the confines of that campus are the same challenges that are brought to that campus each day.  We have to meet and solve these challenges, but that's not what today is for.

Today is the day for healing.

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