Newell pounces on "demented" mindset in CVS robbery fallout

If this doesn't totally p**s you off - what will?

Newell Normand
June 18, 2019 - 4:24 pm

Nobody is happy with the pretrial assessment for Richard Sansbury of Indiana, one of two suspects who allegedly shot a New Orleans police officer in the act of robbing an Uptown CVS pharmacy early Monday morning; perhaps Newell Normand least of all. 

The former Sheriff of Jefferson Parish used his WWL program Tuesday to launch into a missive against what he calls a "demented" mindset that seemed to suggest that Sansbury was not a danger to the public.

"This guy Sansbury gets charged with two counts of armed robbery with a weapon, two counts of false imprisonment with a weapon, three counts of attemped first-degreee murder of a police officer. And guess what? No surprise - he's graded at a Risk Level One, the lowest Risk level on this matrix that you can attain. Now folks, if that doesn't just boil your blood and totally p**s you off - I don't know what will!" 

Just to put that in context for you - a Risk Level One means that if Sansbury makes bail, he would not be monitored at all upon his release, free to do as he pleases while the NOPD officer he allegedly shot is still in the hospital, being treated for gunshot wounds.

Newell continued, "Enough is enough. I hope some 'crazy' judge out there doesn't follow the recommendation of this assessment tool. Because if they're willing to pop caps at our heroes, what message do we send to all the other knuckleheads rolling around this city - that we're willing to have them at a Risk Level One? Our point of view at this point in time is demented.  What is the message that we are sending to this police officer that's at that hospital that's shot, that this is a Risk Level One?"

Hammering his point home, he finished, "How about, Risk Level We-Don't-Want-To-Have-To-Deal-With-Your-Ass-Ever-Again? How about that Risk Level?"

Listen to Newell's rant below.

Later in the program, Jeanne Landry called in to sound off. She's the President of the Twinbrook Neighborhood Association, and the Twinbrook Security District, where the CVS on Prytania is located.

"We are outraged! This is not something that is not typical of what has happened here," she began. By this time, news had broken that Orleans Parish Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell had indeed disregarded the preposterously low risk assessment, and set Sansbury's bond at $1.15 million.

"We are thankful to Judge Cantrell for ignoring the risk issue and setting the bond appropriately, but this is really something that we are going to do our best as the Security District leadership as well as the Neighborhood Association to try to handle from our end. I don't know what we can do other than bring it to the awareness of the public and give people an opportunity to speak about it in an open forum."

Listen to the conversation between Newell and Jeanne below.

The outrage didn't stop there. Before the show ended, a caller named Cynthia joined the program to press Newell for perhaps being too politically correct in the way he was describing the incident.

"I'm upset with your terminology, calling the folks 'knuckleheads.' They're not knuckleheads. If you are a knucklehead, you're acting like one of the Three Stooges. These people are pure and simple gangsters, and yes, I would use the word thugs as well. It doesn't matter if you are Black or White, purple, green or gold. You are misbehaving in the worst sense of the word."

Cynthia lives in the Twinbrook area as well. "We walk or bicycle to the CVS, Creole Creamery, all those folks around there - we are on a first name basis. Let's call it what it is. These people are gangsters."

Newell replied, "I can't disagree with you, it's a term of art that I've used throughout my career, I happened to fall back on it - but I agree with you... I stand corrected."

Hear Cynthia's call below.


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