Newell Normand: will Midterm elections result in a blue wave or a red wall?

Newell Normand
November 06, 2018 - 8:09 pm

Polls in half of the country are closing, and vote tallies will begin to trickle in.  Americans are exercising their right to vote in record numbers. 

U.S. House of Representatives seats in 435 districts are being decided as well as 35 U.S. Senate seats. 

On the state level 36 governor races are up for consideration as well as 30 of the 43 state attorney generals in which the office is elected. 

On the local level, there are mayoral races in 27 of the nation’s 100 biggest cities.  

Governance at all levels of government will be decided tonight across the country!  A blue wave or a red wall will begin to reveal itself throughout the evening.   In so doing we will gain a better understanding about the wishes and desires of the electorate. 

We are privileged and honored to share this election experience with you - reviewing and analyzing results in what many call the unpredictable Mid Terms.  At issue - what and who drove people to the polls - #45 President Donald Trump?  Caravans and crime?  Or, #44 former President Barack Obama?  Choosing hope over fear?  Or was it healthcare?  Jobs & the economy? 

Equally interesting - who shows up in record numbers - women?  Millennials?  Latinos?  A big African American block that we saw in 2012?   

We can’t bring you Decision 2018 - the Midterm Elections - without an incredible crew - Dave Cohen and our award winning news team…with CBS updates every 20 minutes. 

And, joining me in studio - one of the most respected minds in the study of American politics - Ron Faucheux.  Ron is a political strategist and poll analyst with Clarus Research Group, who has participated in the election process as a spectator, a candidate, political consultant and analyst.  So, when it comes to elections, Ron Faucheux has experienced all there is to experience in politics.

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