Newell Normand: We're stuck on stuck

Newell Normand
September 20, 2017 - 7:53 pm

Today, the former Jefferson Parish Sheriff got real about crime in the French Quarter after another visitor to your fair city was beaten, robbed then hospitalized…after leaving a popular night cub at 11pm.

Newell Normand's HOT TAKES on crime in the French Quarter:

  • Predators are taking advantage of innocent people.  Tourists come down here to take in the atmosphere, to let the good times roll; and, oftentimes, they find themselves in a position where they’re in danger. We also have hardworking French Quarter operators trying to make a living, day-in and day-out; but they, too, have to deal with these predators.  
  • We have all these great festivals, concerts, and everything; but we can’t have police everywhere.  Every time it seems like New Orleans starts building some momentum, boom, we’re hit with another story like this one of a tourist getting assaulted.  We are in a competition with other cities to attract visitors.  We need tourists to pick New Orleans over the other options.
  • Why can’t we get our hands around the panhandling problem?  We’re stuck on stuck.  The abundance of panhandlers seems to drive a lot of the problem of not feeling safe.  We do a great job of marketing the city, but this is a problem.
  • I do believe everybody’s trying their best to make this work.  It really does take the collaboration between the public and private sector. 
  • One of the things that’s unique about this city is that you can walk out of a bar with a drink in your hand.  That lure of the French Quarter, by its very nature, presents challenges for both businesses and law enforcement.  Part of New Orleans’ charm is this laissez faire attitude, but we do need to encourage people to be responsible.

Check out Newell Normand’s interview with Bob Simms, French Quarter Task Force Coordinator, and Mark Romig, President & CEO of New Orleans Tourism & Marketing Corporation.  Remember you can listen to Newell him l10am-1pm every Monday-Friday on WWL-AM-FM and!

How safe do you feel in the French Quarter?

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