Newell: Were the Saints robbed?

Newell Normand
January 22, 2019 - 9:36 am

Were the Saints robbed?  In some sense…yes, but then again is it not part of the game? By now the infamous play has been analyzed from every angle. In the end, two actions went right and one inaction went way wrong.

The Saints first action was to break huddle into an offensive set that confused the Rams defense and led to an open receiver. The Rams defensive action, or better yet, reaction was to intentionally commit an interference penalty in an attempt to prevent a touchdown and survive for another play. Finally, the inaction of the officials…by not seeing or recognizing the interference on the play…was a devastating miss.

In a game of misses and of fabricated calls, is there a perfect game? Drew Brees, always the consummate professional, recognized that there is no perfect game and never will be. The speed of the game and the placement of game officials is not always going to catch everything. So when looking at the game in its totality one will quickly recognize that the list of missed opportunities was a very lengthy one.

You control what you control and that may be the best that you can hope for. With that in mind the game is not a perfect one.  Were the Saints robbed?  Yes, the officials blew it.  Hopefully, this painfully harsh reality for the Saints and all of us in the Who Dat Nation leads to profound changes for other teams…even us…in the future.  Then, this sports agony won’t be wasted.  

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