Newell: Voters, let’s determine our future and not be controlled by outsiders!

"I don't want my next Governor to have to be dragged across the finish line by outsiders"

Newell Normand
November 06, 2019 - 5:39 pm

Voters in the state of Louisiana are in the midst of early voting, and in 10 days it will be Election Day - November 16th.  I remind you because voting in elections is the most important civic duty we have. Self-determination is an important process, where citizens like you and I make choices and decisions about our state, free from undue external influence or interference.  It is time to take this civic responsibility seriously.  Do the research, examine the candidates and decide for yourself. 

President Trump has decided to involve himself in several gubernatorial elections in an attempt to make those races more about him, as opposed to the best interest of the states those candidates represent.  Last evening in Kentucky, as the polls closed and the vote count revealed, the choice made by the citizens of Kentucky, who desired change. 

I was appalled by the response of the Trump campaign.  The President's campaign says he "just about dragged” Governor Matt Bevin across his election finish line.  Whether you are for or against Governor Bevin, it doesn't matter, but I don't want my Governor to have to be dragged across the finish line by the President. Any President. I would rather it be a reflection of the mood of the electorate. 

Put another way, this is President Trump’s message - “This is a crappy candidate. If not for me (Trump), this crappy candidate has no chance to win. However, I think you should keep the crappy candidate for four more years.” That's how I saw it, and that's how basically every talking head on TV saw it while they were making excuses for Bevin's loss. Thankfully, Kentuckians took the vote seriously, ousting the Governor while still voting all the other down-ballot Republican candidates in. 

Do you see what's happening here? I am convinced the same strategy is being deployed here in Louisiana, and that's a sad state of affairs! 

Eddie Rispone’s strategy is to say nothing, reveal little, ride the coat tails of Trump and, therefore, wait to see if Trump can drag him across the finish line.  Eddie Rispone has already sold us out - by nationalizing this race, he has made us a pawn in Washington politics.  As a Republican, I find that very distasteful. I'd much rather self-govern. I'd much rather self determine than to have some else come in here, dragging people across the finish line.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t care for the next leader of this state to be dragged across the finish line by Washington insiders, outsiders, whatever - who care little about the short and long-term challenges we face here every day.

That's the truth, that's the reality. We are the ones pulling our boots up here, every day, trying to make a difference in this state.

Be proud, Louisiana. Vote YOUR candidate across the finish line by exercising self-determination.  Let’s control our destiny!

We don't need someone from DC trying to tell us that it's in our best interest to bring a crappy candidate across the finish line.

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