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Newell Normand: I want to love you, Harrah's, but you're making it hard

Newell Normand
May 23, 2019 - 2:07 am

Harrah's is trying to get an extension of their license while they are, at the same time, embroiled in a lawsuit with the state of Louisiana over millions of tax dollars owed.  Should we resolve this litigation first before we extend their license?

Here are some of Newell Normand's HOT TAKES:

This effort in the state legislature to extend Harrah’s license is happening well in advance of the expiration of Harrah’s license.  There is a lot of good strategic reasoning for that.  I get it.  But there is this lawsuit with the state, and as much as $40 million could be at stake. $40 million owed in taxes.  This is something that's sticking in my craw.

Guys, this is the way it works.  There's an assumption that every transaction is taxed unless otherwise exempted.  You, the person or entity paying the taxes, are expected to come and ask for the exemption.  The people collecting the taxes are not expected to go and ask you to pay the tax.

That's not how it works for every little Mom and Pop sandwich shop or daiquiri store or donut shop or what have you.  That's not how it works for them; so why should it work any differently for you, Harrah's?

I want to love you, Harrah's!  But you're getting incredibly hard to love.  Love is a two-way street, not a one-way street.

I read through the arguments in the memorandum, and it's ridiculous.  Yet, we are going to be in a position soon where the bill is on the Senate floor.  Well, Senators, y'all need to go read this memorandum!  This is a joke!  This is a complete joke!

Harrah's is fighting as though you, the state of Louisiana, should be asking them to pay the tax.  How many other businesses do you go and specifically ask to pay the tax?  I don't understand.  We better WAKE. UP.

I have defended Harrah's in the past.  Just recently, I advocated for sports betting for them so they can remain competitive.  I'm getting to the point where I don't want any more concessions, if they're going to play these silly-ass games!  WAKE UP!

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