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Newell Normand: Senator Jeff Flake is a Flake

Newell Normand
October 01, 2018 - 4:53 pm

Jeff Flake is a flake.  The Republican U.S. Senator from Arizona crafted a compromise in the Judiciary Committee to supposedly create mutual agreement.  But agreement is the furthest thing from the truth.  They settled nothing.  The partisan nature of these confirmation hearings has reached levels from which no one is capable of retreating.

The Democrats will vote “no,” and the Republicans will vote “yes.”  That's what is going to happen.

The protester, who confronted Senator Flake in the elevator, seems to believe that any indication of believing Judge Kavanaugh, in light of no evidence corroborating Christine Blasey Ford's allegations, is abhorrent.

That protester went on to say that Dr.  Ford was literally put on trial.  Put on trial?  Dr. Ford requested the opportunity to speak before that committee.  And yet, somehow, that's still the Republicans' fault.

Senator Jeff Flake is being completely naive, if he thinks any of the protesters or any of Democrats will change their position, if the FBI investigation reveals no new evidence.  That investigation has hardly begun, and the Democrats are already attacking the process and the accepted norms of background investigations.

Let's stop engaging in a sham process.  Trying to make this look like anything other than a partisan proceeding is joke and always will be a joke.

Senator Flake went on “60 Minutes” and said the only reason he was able to move his motion forward was that he wasn't running for re-election.  Think about that!  What does that say about the motive for doing this and the entire process itself?

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