Newell Normand: NO pot for the Sheriff!

Newell Normand
October 27, 2017 - 6:27 am

According to a new poll - for the first time a majority of Conservatives support legalizing pot.  51% of Republicans told Gallup they are in favor of legalizing marijuana, that’s up from 42% last year.  Because of that support two-thirds of Americans now say they support pot legalization.  That’s the highest ever recorded by Gallup, who has been tracking data since 1969.

What does the man, who used to Sheriff of Jefferson Parish have to say about that?  Here are Newell’s HOT TAKES:

*I am completely mystified by this.  The empirical data underlying marijuana legalization continues to reveal itself.  We have a live experiment in Colorado; and, interestingly, the data we have coming out of there is not good by any stretch of the imagination.

*68% of local jurisdictions in Colorado have BANNED the recreational use of marijuana.  Why?  They've seen the effects of it.  There are actually more retail marijuana shops than Starbucks or McDonald's.  There are 424 retail marijuana stores compared to 323 Starbucks and 202 McDonald's. 

*There were so many promises about legal marijuana. It was going to be a panacea, the solution to problems. It was going to create tax revenue and solve all kinds of issues.  It's done anything but that.

*There are anecdotal stories from one of the largest school districts in the state that kids as young as 8 years old are showing up to school stoned.  Driving under the influence of marijuana is up. Fatalities while driving are up.  The problem from a law enforcement standpoint is that we don't have a field test available to really find out how much marijuana is in someone's system.

*Everyone believes that there will be a reduction in the drug trade, if we legalize marijuana. That is bull.  In fact, in most of the states that have legalized pot, the illicit trade has gone up. Violence has gone up.  And because of the taxes, it's often cheaper to get illegal marijuana than it is to buy the legal stuff.

*There are costs to society from legalizing marijuana.  Arrests of African American and Latino youths for marijuana possession are up 58% and 29% after legalization.  Marijuana possession is legal, but there's a limit to how much you can have on your person.  The taxes generated aren't really covering what's happening out on the street, the schools, the emergency rooms, and all across the social service system.

*The science coming out on the effects of marijuana is not good.  It does not paint a rosy picture.

But, who wants the facts, right? 

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Do you think pot should be legalized or remain illegal? 


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