Newell Normand: No fans, no money, no NFL games – STAND for the anthem!

Newell Normand
October 11, 2017 - 8:23 pm

Newell Normand says STAND for the National Anthem!  NFL players should do what team owners want them to do.  Here are Newell’s HOT TAKES on the controversy ignited by Roger Goodell’s latest memo to all 32 teams urging them to move past the kneeling controversy.   

ESPN’s suspended broadcaster, Jemele Hill, said players will look like they sold out if they stand for the National Anthem--if their team's owner requires them to.  I don't understand that.  Sold out WHAT?!?  You're being ordered by your employer to do something.  That's not a sellout. You want to stay employed like everybody else, like the millions upon millions upon millions of other people in this country, who when your boss makes a request that's not illegal, you do it.

For some reason, we've created a class of workers here that are going to be treated differently. That to me is the very crux of this argument. The duplicity here is mind-boggling, when you think about what else the NFL has actually reprimanded players for doing…like wearing different colored cleats to raise awareness of issues like domestic violence.  It just doesn't make any sense. The question is: where does it end?

If I wake up tomorrow morning as an NFL player and, on a whim, I decide that I want to take on a new cause, I could take on a new cause. They keep trying to say “well, this one's about social justice; this one's important.” Well who decides that? Who decides which one's important enough to bend the rules and make the exceptions?  Are these players going through an approval process?  No, they're not.  

This, for whatever reason, has become a race issue.  Whatever the social concerns that may be out there for players…those don't have anything to do with race. It has to do with the underlying, supporting issue.  But anytime we get to a point where the yin and the yang don't match up, we're going to race.  We're going to divide the issue based on race.

Bottom line, this has to be about the fans.  No fans, no money, no TV, no game.  They can play this game all they want, but owners won't be able to pay the notes on their stadiums. 

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