Newell: No-call remediation is a WIN!

Newell Normand
March 28, 2019 - 7:32 am

Congratulations to the Saints organization, Mrs. Gayle Benson, Coach Sean Payton and most importantly the “Who Dat Nation” for their untiring effort to right the “no call” wrong knowing all along it would not give them the prized victory everyone desired. 

What this win does…this new replay rule ordained by NFL owners… it makes the game they all play better.  It makes NFL game day better.  Pass interference is now reviewable by NFL officials, and although the rule change occurred within a short two month period after the missed call, let there be no mistake, this was not an easy accomplishment. 

Persistence and team work, two characteristics the Saints consistently display, once again seemed to bode well for the organization. 

Rich McKay, President and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons and Chairman of the NFL’s Competition Committee said, “Convincing 24 owners to vote on an issue was difficult.  Anytime you are dealing with the replay world, 24 votes is not as easy as you think.” 

Proposal 6C passed with 31 votes, one vote short of unanimity.  Coach Sean Payton, a member of the Competition Committee says, “We got it right.” 

I agree, and as an avid fan, a big thank you to Mrs. Gayle Benson, Dennis Lauscha, Mickey Loom is and Coach Sean Payton for their credible leadership that time and again reveals itself with results.

And, Saints fans, you may not feel vindicated, but you can take comfort in the fact that your passion for this team, your love of things Black & Gold, and outrage over an injustice to your New Orleans Saints drove this movement.  This win by the Saints organization is YOUR win too!

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