Newell Normand: NFL boycott - Kaepernick will be kneeling a long time

Newell Normand
September 25, 2017 - 9:45 pm

I'm gonna say some things that I haven't heard anybody say yet about this boycott issue between President Trump, NFL players and owners.

No one mentions the fans and the money they spend in order for players to make a statement at the big show. Are fans paying to see football...or millionaires air their political ideology?

Several players have said this is not an NFL thing, however, the players choose to use the NFL forum to display their political positions. Unlike most Americans, they have options, lots of money and thereby all kinds of means & avenues to express themselves. Why ruin a good time for the fans who put you there?

Further, the question about appearing at the White House mystifies me. They (the NFL) are a for-profit, private entity and there are no others invited there in order to celebrate their successes. WHY? Especially when the NFL receives an exemption from SEC anti-trust provisions. Makes no sense to me!

Oh, and sure...the owners and players express unity. That's only because President Trump asked for a boycott. No boycott...owners keep their mouths shut. Owners and players are connected at the hip when it comes to economics. It's all about the money, honey!

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Sure, I think the language President Trump used was unnecessary. He could've gotten the message across just as effectively in a different way. It seemed to me more like water fountain chat. It was inappropriate and could've been done in a much better way.

But let’s look at the expected outcome. Colin Kaepernick is saying that “innocent until proven guilty” should be changed. That’s never going to happen. That goes to the core of our Constitutional rights. (And, that principle applies to police officers too.) Kaepernick is asking for things that cannot be achieved. It’s not achievable! He’s going to be kneeling a long time.

The NFL owners have the ability and authority to take a stand on whether or not their players stand out of respect and reverence for the American flag and national anthem.  If I were an NFL owner, I think I would make my players stand for the national anthem. Your right to freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under the Constitution is from government intrusion, not a private business. They're trying to brand a product and sell it. I doubt there would be many private corporations that would allow employees to do these things on company time.

Come on…if you were in a checkout line, and suddenly the cashier started espousing political views, would you tolerate that? Or report the action to his or her supervisor? Or, take your business elsewhere?

I agree with Drew Brees, and he said it best. If you're an American, the national anthem is an opportunity for us all to stand up together, to be unified, to show respect for our country. We are not perfect. We are imperfect. This is the one opportunity for everyone to stand together, shoulder-to-shoulder, in unison, for the furtherance of this great country.

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