Newell: Let’s amp up our 12th man strategy so Rams never forget Who Dat Nation

Newell Normand
January 15, 2019 - 7:17 am

I have been asked to conduct the after action of the Who Dat Nation’s 12th man performance for the first playoff game against the Eagles.  Fans, as you know, we were the beneficiary of a bye week and our opponent’s fans were not.  This was an opportunity to exploit some tough weeks that Eagles fans experienced.  I was encouraged this past week to learn that a number of Who Dats were able to work through both types of flu’s as well as sinusitis, and Saints fans stayed true to their routine with proper medication administration, aggressive salt water gargling exercises…plus their favorite shots of “energy drinks.”  Just yesterday morning I reviewed a report of the high note/low note repetitions that were achieved.  I gotta tell ya - impressive!

Ladies and gentlemen - there are things that need to be done when you take a business approach to the task at hand.  You will remember that our game strategy was all about disruption and distraction techniques to be utilized at the appropriate time.  On the issue of being disruptive…obviously, raw crowd noise at ear-blasting, record breaking levels has been most effective.  I saw strong intensity out there with some good highlight plays. 

Third down plays were outstanding - the “any kind of noise/scorched earth approach” was inspiring to our players and totally disruptive to our opponents.  The way you know this works…missed snap counts, poor game clock management and refusal by coaches to remove their headsets.  However, the most telling is when players are running on the field…then off the field…and then back again.  And, of course, when your opponents raise their hands in complete frustration.   You know then that you got your opponents right where you want them. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention the rocky start of the game.  You, the Who Dat Nation, were challenged.  First play - we throw an interception…followed up by 14 unanswered points.  I have to tell you, I was proud of the leadership exhibited by our season ticket holders and senior fans - fans who were there for the last Super Bowl journey.  Their experience in a playoff game atmosphere served us well and was critical to our Saints players getting on course again.  Hell, 20 unanswered points!  WHO DAT!  Disruptive.  I thought we did an excellent job. 

Now as to distraction…as the Saints came into the dome, I have to tell you, I saw a lot of bling - however, not nearly as much as I thought I would see at Divisional rivalry. Maybe the Saints all black uniform announcement was the cause of that.  I would say we cannot be influenced by the team’s color scheme.  Our fan scheme has to be fresh, new and most importantly, obviously over the top.  So much so - that we would even offend the reality show Jersey Shore! 

The next Saints game is going to be a tough one that will require a higher level of innovative fan bling.  In the Eagles game, our distractive dancing in the stands was good, but not exceptional like in games past.  I know “Choppa Style” is our signature move right now and it is a good one…however, let us not wait in anticipation of Choppa.  We must build distractive momentum by utilizing our entire repertoire that includes:  Second Line, Stand Up & Get Crunk - Black & Gold to the Super Bowl…whatever else tickles any part of your body.  The key to remember here, unlike every other part of our strategy, discipline is not our friend. 

The fan strategy - disruptive and distractive - was a good, sound strategy against the Eagles.  In the NFC Championship…new game…new strategy.  We must build on our base and get better.  Better rallies.  More bling.  Less discipline.  More noise on all downs, not just third down!  We must create mayhem in the Superdome Sunday against the Rams. 

Can we do it?  Can we leave our voices in the dome, and whatever else we desire?  Can we create a 60 minute echo chamber so that the Rams will never forget the commitment, fortitude and power of the Who Dat Nation!  I believe.  WHO DAT! 

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