Newell: The Left should embrace Uniter-in-Chief on criminal justice reform

Newell Normand
November 16, 2018 - 11:15 am

Van Jones is a liberal activist, who has worked with the Trump White House on a historically divisive issue - criminal justice reform.  How dare he say he’s “Left!”

A compromise was reached, after two years of negotiations between Republicans, Democrats, law enforcement, prosecutors and a multitude of social activists.  Van Jones stepped out and said that President Trump “is on his way to becoming the Uniter-in-Chef.”  This comment came after the President announced his support for the criminal justice reform bill.  Mr. Jones put his heart and soul into this issue for quite some time, and as such he was enjoying the moment and certainly expressing hope for more bipartisan successes.

The Hollywood left and others quickly slapped Van Jones down and basically said chill out.   Behzad Dabu, Hollywood actor and social activist said, “I love @vanjones68, but I disagree with this sentiment calling 45 Uniter-in-chief.”  Dabu continued, “If I get punched in the fact 25 times by someone and then they stop for a few minutes and get me an ice pack, that doesn’t make them a peaceful healer all of a sudden.  He’s not a uniter at all.”

Rolling Stone writer Jamil Smith tweeted, “I cannot endorse criminal justice reform or otherwise.”

So much for leaving our respective corners and attempting to find common ground in order to reach compromise. 

Van Jones also said, “So I say the 99 times I don’t agree with the President, I’m going to give him hell, but on this one, I’ll give him a salute and applause.  We’ve got to come together to help the people at the bottom.”

My take?  Real simple - the left should chill out, take a deep breath and embrace the credible leadership example by Van Jones and all the others who worked on this legislation.  Success is success.  A win is a win.  And, criminal justice reform will now happen in America, because all sides with the same goal came together as one, instead of retreating to their separate corners and tribes. 


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