Newell: Get out and vote!

Newell Normand
November 06, 2018 - 10:00 am

Election day is finally here. Polls are open across the country. Americans are exercising the most fundamental right there is – the right to vote.

If you have not voted, it is time to get to the polls and vote. 100+ million votes cast in a defining moment election. Why defining? A majority of election races that present a true contrast of candidates and therefore a clear choice relative to the future governance of this country.

Is the choice in this election a referendum on President Trump? Clearly the President has been the Get Out The Vote strategy for the republicans. The Democrats are hoping that history repeats itself! Only three time since the Civil War has the party of the sitting president gained seats in the Congress in the midterm elections. The Democrats have also been running against President Trump and claim that a vote for democrats is a vote to keep a check on Trump. The stage is set, and in less than 10 hours the American votes will begin to reveal their feelings about the future of the country.


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