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Newell Normand: Don’t fall into the robocall abyss!

Is there a robocall epidemic?

Newell Normand
October 25, 2018 - 1:36 am

Is there a robocall epidemic?  If not, it sure feels like it.   I typically receive 10 calls a day, and they drive me bonkers!  These unsolicited masters of deception always call at the most inopportune time  - while eating lunch, dinner or better yet - while in a meeting or handling a crisis at work or home. 

The call appears on your mobile phone ID and it looks damn familiar and equally important.  So, you answer it.  Big mistake!  The introduction is done in a manner to confuse so that it takes a moment to figure out this is not an important call.   During that short period of uncertainty you are barraged with enticing information to make the dreaded decision to move from “ignorance is bliss world” to “do I have a deal for you!” 

That deal comes in many shapes and forms - the lifesaving form - the IRS, FBI or social security are investigating you, and as such are about to seize all of your assets.   If you press #1 you can talk directly to the agent to work things out.  If you press #1 you will do anything BUT work things out.  You will enter the conman abyss with a strong possibility of never returning. 

Other forms such as a free vacation, interest rate reduction or special pricing on any number of enticing goodies lead to the same conman abyss…that quickly turns into holy hell. 

The number of robocalls received by Americans every month numbers 4 BILLION.  1.8 billion of them were fraudulent.  The pressure is mounting, and experts say more than half of all robocalls will be fraudulent.  They also warn next year half of all calls we receive on our cell phones will be robocalls. 

It is so rare to be offered a legitimate deal by a robocall.  The best course of action to protect yourself from being scammed - don’t answer suspicious calls with numbers from unfamiliar places.  If you don’t KNOW the number, don’t answer.  If you do answer and hear an automated message - HANG UP! 

Trust me, you are not going to receive anything of value.  To the contrary, the conman abyss will never let you go. 

Report fraudulent calls to the FCC at 888-225-5322, so that number can be placed on the national blacklist. 

Newell’s show about robocalls was a hot one.  Listeners shared amazing and often scary stories.  Also, share your robocall experience.  We’d love to hear it!

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