Newell Normand: This is a defining moment for our city

Newell Normand
October 14, 2017 - 10:42 pm

Newell's HOT TAKES on the New Orleans Mayor and City Council races

Voters don't care because they don't feel they're getting out of government what their expectations are.  

Blight remediation is still a huge challenge facing the city and the next Mayor.  When you think about the infrastructure costs going forward, the only way they'll be able to deal with that is to get all these properties redeveloped and back into the stream of commerce, and hopefully they'll be paying the appropriate property taxes to finance what the city needs.

Negative campaigning certainly raises the ire of the electorate, whether that's in a good or bad way.  It calls a lot of attention to that particular race.  The Jefferson Parish Council race was very negative.  That created a lot of controversy and energy around that race.  

I'm often mystified by candidates that are out they're saying they didn't have all the elected officials with them and that they're an outsider.  Well, they want the elected officials with them. 

The next Mayor of New Orleans will be female.  I think this is a defining moment for the city.  More and more female leaders emerging around the country is a good thing. The instincts of a woman are very unique.  It's a different perspective that's brought to the office.  Sometimes, it can be a softer perpsective; and that can be a good thing, too.  You've seen that throughout the country.  This could be the start of more females being elected to office.

LaToya Cantrell and Desiree Charbonnet are two hardworking ladies.  Ms. Cantrell has worked very hard on the City Council.  Ms. Charbonnet has worked very hard in the Municpal Court and when she was the Registrar.  They're not shy about working.

I'm excited with the energy of this New Orleans City Council.

Newell: I'm excited by the energy of this Council

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