Newell Normand cuts through Midterm Election smokescreens & misdirection

Newell Normand
November 07, 2018 - 10:16 am

The morning after an election is always an interesting day. The Monday morning quarterback exercise begins, coupled with the spin doctors who attempt to put the bright light on the positive outcomes and have everything else fade away for the next election, for another day.

In an attempt to cut through the smokescreens and the misdirection, I have the following observations:

  1. The Democrats win the House of Representatives, and whether that is determinative of a blue wave or not is irrelevant.  One thing for sure is that governance in the House will be vastly different. A divided government is the outcome; and, therefore, the House is no longer an ally of President Trump. The new leadership has already promised a need for bipartisanship conduct moving forward.  It come with a caveat, however: subpoenas, investigations and impeachment. Certainly not a recipe for sustainable cooperation.
  2. The Republicans increase their majority in the senate. The newly-elected senators are very conservative, and therefore the moderate Republicans are marginalized. The confirmation process of judicial appointments will move through more quickly and with less angst.

In the end, there is room for Democrats and Republicans to claim victories and for the president to claim the “Trump Bump” had an impact on several races. What all of this means in 2020 is yet to be determined.

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