Newell: Is the Border Patrol just supposed to do nothing to protect the border?

Newell Normand
November 28, 2018 - 9:51 am

There is continued tension at the border where thousands of migrants from Central America are waiting, hoping to apply for asylum. One incident, in which groups of people attempted to breach a fence on the border, led to tear gas being used.

To get a handle on what's going on, Newell Normand spoke with Matt O'Brien, the research director of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). Check out some of Newell's HOT TAKES:

  • Everyone said President Trump was stirring up fear over the migrant caravan, that it was hundreds of miles away.  They said this was all about the midterm elections.  Well, here we are after the midterms; and exactly what was predicted has happened.
  • Those on the left are now saying that this is something they knew would happen, if we enforced the laws. They said that enforcing the law would lead to civil disobedience and violence at the border.
  • One thing that confuses me…they're criticizing the use of tear gas by Customs and Border Patrol agents, after they had rocks and bottles thrown at them.   So what is the expectation? Are these people suggesting Border Patrol agents just stand there?  How are we supposed to control the border, if they're supposed to nothing?  How is there any order and structure there? 
  • This just mystifies me.  Are we at the point where we're saying the best way to get into this country is to commit a felony?  Throw rocks and bottles and sticks at border agents.  Go ahead, that’s okay?!?
  • One news outlet interviewed a man waiting down, who said he was waiting to see if President Trump would strike an agreement to let the migrants into the United States.  And if there was no agreement?  Well, he'd just find another way to cross our border?  There's a sense of entitlement.
  • And what’s really galling, some of the governments of the countries the migrants are coming from are actually criticizing the United States.  These are the countries people are fleeing from, citing domestic violence, murder, gang warfare.  Those countries say we're the ones violating human rights by not accepting the migrants.  So, America responsible?  I don't get it.
  • It's like the economic theory that holds that the United States should adopt these countries to improve them and make them better…so no one wants to leave and they can live in Disneyland. It's crazy.

Listen to Newell Normand's entire conversation with Matt O'Brien below.

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