Newell: AOC takes burden of guilt away from Republicans

Newell Normand
February 26, 2019 - 12:15 pm

Democrats have accused Republicans of anointing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as the head of the Democratic Party. No longer will Republicans have to burden the guilt of doing so. Democrats have someone else to accuse. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. That’s right, AOC.

AOC has self-appointed Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Yep, herself. She says, “Like I introduced the Green New Deal two weeks ago.” “So people are like, ‘Oh, it’s unrealistic. Oh, it’s vague. Oh, it doesn’t address this minute little thing.’ And, I’m like, you try. You do it. Cause you’re not. So, until you do it, I’m the boss. How about that?”

There you have it. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is now the boss. Her meteoric rise to the top is the scariest chapter of the American dream I have ever witnessed. Bar tender to author of an on scale proposal to address the global climate crisis.

Worry you say? Nah, no need to dive into a bottle of Xanax. Have confidence, my friend. No doubt another Democrat will articulate a different stupid and too costly an idea to implement.

When it is determined that no other one is playing in the stupid is as stupid does sandbox…poof…a new boss! Hopefully this revolving door will spin off its pins sooner rather than later.



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