Newell: Let's get started

Newell Normand
September 11, 2017 - 3:05 pm

Since I announced I would be retiring as Sheriff of Jefferson Parish and taking over for Garland Robinette on WWL Radio, many people have asked me the same question: why leave such a powerful position?  

Power is a foreign notion to me.  I am the center of no universe.  As sheriff, I was a caretaker.  Every day, I reminded myself why I went to work: I wanted to leave that organization better than I inherited it.  As I’ve said many times, good leaders know when it is time to leave.  

This is an incredible opportunity for me, a gift from God.  It’s an opportunity to inspire people on a larger platform and an opportunity to serve the community in a different way. And I do not take this lightly.  I commit to you that I will bring the same “give a damn” attitude I brought to being sheriff.

Another question I’ve been asked: why start on 9/11?  This is my small tribute to the heroes of the first responder community. September 11th was a day that forever changed our lives, a day that first responders ran into the shadow of death in order to save the lives of the innocent and the heart and the soul of our country.  

On this show, we will celebrate our successes, and we will be a cheerleader for the community.  We are a diverse community, a rich jambalaya of so many things. Our home is special; it is ours.

But will it take catastrophe after catastrophe after catastrophe for us to come together?  Will uniting only occur after another catastrophe?  Why can’t we compromise?  We compromise in our homes every day.  Why does that change when we step out of our houses?

The best and worst of this country is the two-party system.  It is the best because a plurality doesn’t rule.  It needs a majority, and that requires compromise.  It is the worst because it leads to people aiming for control.  If the best thing for the Republican Party is that Democrats screwed up and the best thing for the Democratic Party is that Republicans screwed up, what does that say?

We must also address the failures of our community.  We can not accept the notion of mediocrity, and we cannot just sit on our laurels.  We must set the bar high, and we must commit to not accepting anything less.

Our journey will have twists and turns, but it will not be down a dead-end street.

Let’s get started.

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