Newell: We're in this mess because of a lack of credible leadership

Why are we ceding our cities to punks, cowards and idiots?

Newell Normand
June 01, 2020 - 4:21 pm

This  “let them vent” strategy that’s been embraced by law enforcement leaders, mayors and governors across America is a failed strategy. To me, it’s simple - you don’t give up a piece of geography, period. You don’t allow people to torch and loot any part of your city, and when the Minneapolis Police Chief basically abandoned the Third Precinct, it was game over for that city. 

He said that the main priority for his officers is the safety of those who are out there. They’re worried about folks that were innocent bystanders out there protesting, but chose to place themselves among those throwing bricks, bottles and all the rest of it. Those people made that decision to be there, and they should make the decision to leave so that officers can deal with those who aren’t really there to protest at all. 

The MPD Chief basically gave in. One reporter specifically asked him - you made the decision to let the Third Precinct Station go, and focus on keeping the rest of the neighborhoods safe? The Chief said absolutely, he didn’t want his officers going into areas where they would be at risk of harm. You’ve got to be kidding me! We go into areas where we are at risk of harm all the time! Every robbery call, every burglary, every time shots are fired. What is Chief Arrodondo talking about? What happened to credible leadership?

When I heard those words, I couldn’t believe it, and when I read them I was even more infuriated. New York City Mayor De Blasio said his cops are going to use a ‘light touch.’ So the rioters get to throw Molotov cocktails, rocks, bottles, two-by-fours… and he wants to handcuff the police with a ‘light touch’ approach. What are you going to do, hand out feathers? Are you going to tickle them? What is it that we are missing here? We have folks indiscriminately engaged in acts of violence, tearing communities apart, and you are sitting there trembling, unable to make a credible leadership decision to bring this to an end!

In Washington DC last night, they let vandals burn down St. John’s Church and deface the Lincoln Memorial. That’s what they want to do, and we let them do it for fear of the backlash. The law-abiding citizen isn’t going to be upset that you preserved peace and protected those sites. When I saw that last night, that church up in flames, where every President going back to James Madison has prayed for us, it makes me shake my head. 

This is not the America that I know. This is not the America I grew up in. This is not the America that I love. I don’t understand what we think we are going to accomplish with all this. Does anybody believe for a second that riots will inspire positive social change? Will it bring about police reform? Will it bring about more understanding? I don’t think so. Hiding in the shadows of lawlessness and engaging in this destructive behavior makes you a punk coward. And we’ve embraced these idiots in cities all over this country 

We’re not thinking clearly - we’re thinking politically. That’s our problem.


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