Newell: James Carville says SEC-Alabama relationship is incestuous

Newell Normand
October 23, 2018 - 8:45 pm

James Carville is fired up!

By now, almost everybody has seen the controversial targeting call against LSU linebacker Devin White during the Mississippi State game.  It resulted in White's ejection from the game, and he's suspended for the first half of the Alabama game.  LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva tried to fight the suspension, but the decision stands.

And it has Tiger fans of all stripes calling foul.  Carville bleeds Purple & Gold and is one of LSU’s biggest fans and most vocal defenders.  

“These kids go out there in August and September and practice three and half, four hours a day. They got to do school work too.  They've got their biggest game of their lives coming up; and on a completely blown call, they suspend our best football player for half a game against Alabama. On its face, it's wrong.  It's not just.  It violates everything that we know about fair play.”

Carville went on to say that this is nothing new.

“This has been going on for a long time...You look at the imbalance in the favor of Alabama.  We play Florida every year from the [SEC> East.  They play Tennessee.  Since 2005, Tennessee has beaten Florida one time, one time.  [Alabama> has a football player against Missouri that slugs a guy multiple times and then knees him.  He doesn't get kicked out the game, and then Saint Saban decides, 'Well, I'm going to punish him for a half against Tennessee.'”  They could beat Tennessee with their third team.  And then their guy targets the Tennessee quarterback, and they do nothing.”

I see it the exact same way.  I saw Devin White's arms extended and his hands hit the shoulder pads.  I saw an incidental helmet-to-helmet contact.  He didn't lower his helmet; he kept his eyes up.  White did everything they tell players to do, and he's still called for the violation. 

Carville doesn't think it has to be this way; that the SEC could do something about it; but he says they won't because of the relationships they have from being located in Birmingham, Alabama.

“They can change this. The [SEC> commissioner can overturn this.  He can say 'it's my job to look after these young men who are out there busting their butts for the Southeastern Conference and its member institutions.  And I want to ensure they have the fairest possible game they can have.

“But he doesn't think that's his job.  It's him hanging out at the country clubs and the Highlands restaurant, and they're all sitting there in Birmingham and they're scratching each other's backs.  I have no idea why the conference offices are in Birmingham.  They should be in Atlanta where everybody could get to, and you don't have any chance of the incest going on now.”

It's not about whether LSU can beat Alabama without Devin White for a half.  It's about all the sacrifices he's made over the years.  He makes a textbook play, and now he has to sit out the first half of the biggest game of his life. Some may say this is just a bad call and that it's just a part of the game. Carville doesn't buy that.

“Bad calls are part of sports; but horrible calls that result in suspensions are something entirely different.”

Listen to Newell's entire conversation with James Carville below.

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