Newell: I'm worried about my community. Are you?

Newell Normand
April 03, 2018 - 2:34 pm

Who should have the final  say about sanctuary designation?  Some sheriffs and counties are fighting back against their California state sanctuary designation.  Whose side are you on -  those sheriffs and counties or the state?

As the former Sheriff of Jefferson Parish, Newell Normand has a lot to say about this.  Here are Newell’s HOT TAKES:

California’s SB54, the so-called sanctuary state bill that prohibits law enforcement from asking about immigration status, puts law enforcement in the unenviable position of being in conflict with federal law.  There have been a number of sheriffs and counties throughout California who have taken action against this.

There seems to be a new directive from the Attorney General, which left some police departments concerned that a California law restricts local law enforcement…and puts them in a position of not being able to cooperate with federal law enforcement authorities.  That’s an untenable situation to put state & local law enforcement authorities in. 

The California state legislature think they’re protecting a class of individuals; but if you look at it from a law enforcement perspective, they’re actually putting these illegal immigrants in a much more dangerous situation.  They’re protecting a small segment of the immigrant population, who are serious offenders…when the vast majority of immigrants, whether they’re here legally or not, are, for the most part, law-abiding. 

Why are they protecting this group?  It creates a disruption, and they know that no single agency has the assets or resources necessary and that collaboration is needed. 

We all saw the Mayor of Oakland announce she was going to warn immigrants of upcoming ICE raids.  In my over 40 years of law enforcement experience, I’ve never seen an elected official go out and say that.  I’ve never seen the relationship between local officials and federal law enforcement officials degrade like that.

There may be a lot of focus on California, but what starts in California often spreads elsewhere.  I’m worried about my community.  Are you?

Listen to Newell’s whole conversation and interview with Sheriff Sandra Hutchens of Orange County.

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