Newell: How ill is this country...our America?

Newell Normand
March 25, 2019 - 10:08 am

When you think about it, it is difficult to understand why we...the citizens of these United States... are not happy with the result of Robert Mueller’s report.  Why aren’t we relieved that the Special Counsel did not find collusion?  Why aren’t we overjoyed that our democracy is intact?  Can you explain that to me?  Why aren’t we thrilled that “the investigation did not find that the Trump campaign coordinated w/ Russia to influence the 2016 election.”  

The very notion that a U.S. citizen, much less a presidential candidate, would conspire with a foreign power to alter the outcome of an election confounds even the most cynical of folks.  The manner in which we conduct elections in this country has always been something that sets us apart from all other countries in the world.  Albeit not always perfect, but generally conducted in an ordered and structured fashion, free from outside interference. 


So again, I ask...why are we not happy with the outcome of the Special Counsel’s investigation?  Why aren’t Attorney General William Barr’s words comforting?  He said, “The report identifies no actions that in our judgement constitutes obstructive conduct.”  

Has our partisanship reached a level where the best interests of the country is second to our partisan interests?  Have we become so self-consumed with our own ideology that we can no longer think outside of ourselves?  Has the zero sum strategy of politics today become a cancer within our value system?  Worse yet has it metastasized to our core?

I hope not, and I pray not.  One thing I know for sure, life has a way of stepping in and correcting things when we lose control.  It happens in our personal lives, and throughout history.  I fear scary times may be ahead, if we don’t learn to appreciate good news and just flounder in bipartisanship, cynicism and darkness.

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