Newell: Has America been attacked not only from outside the country but also from within?

Newell Normand
March 25, 2019 - 9:45 am

The Mueller investigation definitively revealed that the Russians attempted to influence the 2016 federal election cycle and, therefore, this country was attacked.  However, what it did not find was that there was collusion by President Donald Trump or his campaign in spite of repeated attempts.  

Interesting, though, leaders of key Congressional committees consistently over a two year period claimed to have seen real, legitimate and significant evidence of conspiracy and collusion that had been shared with their committees.  However, when you square that up against the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, something is definitely amiss.

One might argue that this conduct by many of our leaders in D.C. is as much of an attack on our democracy as the conduct of the Russians.  The repeated attacks on the credibility of our elected President and others… the representations to the public of the above described critical information in your possession as a result of your official government position…is reprehensible.  It is an intentional wrongdoing that significantly erodes the confidence of our citizenry in its leaders and its government.

So I have to ask…is that not the same outcome the Russians were looking for?  I wonder.  Do you?


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