Newell: Can’t true Trump supporters offer criticism?

Newell Normand
July 18, 2018 - 9:03 am

How did the Helsinki summit between President Trump and Vladimir Putin leave you feeling? Impressed? Confused? Fuming?


Here are some of Newell Normand's HOT TAKES:

  • Can't you be a true Trump supporter and still have criticism for him?  Can't you be a true Trump supporter and still share some negative observations about how he's conducting himself or what he's saying?
  • Donald Trump served a softball to both his domestic and international detractors.  He can't have it both ways.  He can't go to NATO and be all aggressive, particularly over the pipeline issue and then go to the guy he was criticizing (Putin) and just look like a marshmallow cream puff.
  • You can't be that overtly duplicitous in how you're handling these situations. President Trump can be tough on Putin and still create a relationship with him in the long-term.  I mean, c'mon. We do this in our marriages.
  • The fact of the matter is that President Trump can't just take it easy on this issue because he's standing next to Vladimir Putin.  I don't think he needed to call him a liar.  Trump could have said he had seen the reports and had full faith in his intelligence community and that they'd done a good job.  He could have brought up DOJ findings to Putin and still talked about other things.
  • This isn't even about diplomacy.  This is about being able to handle confrontational situations.  A high school debate team could've handled that.  There's a way to kill them with kindness and still get your point across.
  • This was a press conference President Trump blew, plain and simple. The fact of the matter is where we go from here is completely up to the political moxie of the President, because it's really going to be his domestic detractors who try to knock him off the rails.  If Trump allows that to happen, shame on him.  
  • Some are saying this press conference was treasonous behavior and the sky is falling and this is the end of our democracy.  Bull.  This was one press conference that he blew.  But I don't think it's disrespectful to the President to point that out. 
  • There were some shortcomings.  The facts are the facts.  The questions the two leaders were asked were softballs, and Putin knocked them out of the park. That's just the reality.
  • I have been very supportive of many of the President's policies and have stood up for him.  I've been critical of some of his policies as well.  This is one act I cannot really find any way to defend.

You can listen to Newell’s show below. 

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