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Newell: Coronavirus -time for emotional intelligence to kick in

Newell Normand
March 16, 2020 - 10:28 am

What a difference a week makes! Modifications to everyone’s life, and I mean everyone.  No ritual not disrupted.  No place to run, no place to hide.  No place on earth not affected by the threat of Coronavirus .  

The healthcare delivery system is in a capacity crisis and most, if not all of the remedial measures put in place are for the purpose of minimizing pressure on hospitals, healthcare workers, EMS response, etc. No group functions in excess of 50 persons: restaurants must create distancing and reduce the number of patrons in order to do so and close at 9pm. Bars must close at midnight and last call at 11:15pm.  Schools are closed, businesses closed, and there’s a fiscal crisis throughout the country.

Locally there are over 100 Coronavirus cases reported in Louisiana:  75 in New Orleans, 14 in Jefferson Parish and 4 in St. Tammany.  Sadly, two persons infected with the virus have passed.  

Nationally, over 3500 of our fellow Americans are infected in 49 states.  Where does all of this end?  Dare we predict?!?  Uncertainty prevails.  Yet we must stay strong for each other, and most importantly, for our children and the elderly.
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – the ability to manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others - is needed more today than ever before in my adult life.  I thought the pinnacle of crisis in my lifetime was behind me in the form of 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina.  I fear that I may be wrong, so wrong.  

On a lighter note, and please know I am generally not vain, however, at age 62, I do not consider myself elderly!  Better kick in that emotional intelligence advice!

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