Newell breathes fire on "punk thugs" throwing water at NYPD

Outrageous behavior caught on tape in multiple incidents across New York City

Newell Normand
July 23, 2019 - 7:51 pm

"Absolutely disgraceful! Despicable!"

Former Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand pulled no punches on his show Tuesday morning while reacting to widely-shared video of uniformed police officers in New York City being doused with buckets of water while they are conducting official police business. In at least one video, the apparent victim of a crime is also hit with water.

If you haven't yet seen it, watch the video below.

Newell calls this "One of the most despicable displays I have ever seen in all my years serving as a law enforcement officer...  the police do nothing. Infuriating!" he said, referring to one clip where two officers are walking down the street when they are doused from behind, and make no attempt to confront the individual throwing the water. "I'm infuriated at them, I'm infuriated at these individuals throwing water. This scene is absolutely disgraceful. Disgraceful! This is what is going on in our cities across this country... must be a new fad! This scene is complete and total disrespect to the uniform and the rule of law. These officers don't even turn around!"

But wait - it gets worse. In yet another scene, two officers are literally in the process of handcuffing an arrested subject when they are attacked in an even more despicable way.

"Some cowardly little punk thug comes up behind them, throws a bucket of water on the two officers who cannot take their eyes off the individual they're arresting, there's several buckets of water thrown on them, and then they throw the empty bucket at the officer, hitting the officer in the head! All the while, laughing, cutting up and everything else... completely humiliating videos for the rule of law, for law and order, for an ordered and structured society. It could have been easily any substance in that bucket, thankfully it was only water!"

Newell also said the lack of apparent response from the police officers in the moment could lead to unwelcome downstream implications.

"I'm infuriated," he said, "by the way the police didn't react and didn't arrest these individuals for assault on a police officer. Because now we've empowered these little punk thugs to think they can get away with it!"

"This is the outcome of something," Newell asked, facetiously. "What could it be? What's going on? The Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch fumed, he says 'this is not the fault of these officers, its the end result of a torrent of bad policies and anti-police rhetoric that has been streaming out of City Hall and Albany, NY for years now.' Keep in mind, Bill De Blasio, one of the progressive Democratic Socialists, has been one of the individuals talking about over-criminalization, this and that, the police are the problem for all the ills in society - it was so bad that at one of the ceremonies, officers turned their back to the Mayor when he spoke. They're now asking for the Police Commissioner's resignation, because they believe there's a direct correlation between the Police Commissioner, who's hired by the Mayor, as being responsible for this complete lawless behavior and utter disregard for law enforcement."

In a different universe, things might have turned out very differently, Newell speculated, saying "As I watched that video last night, my immediate reaction, and I never thought I would ever wish this upon myself, was that I wished I was the commissioner of the NYPD!"

He then read a text message sent in by a listener during his rant. It said "I'll take a sad wet cop over a dead kid any day."

"Is that our choice?" Newell responded, nearly exasperated. "Is that what we've resorted to? Is that the level of skepticism and cynicism we have in society today? C'mon folks. We're smarter than that... just remember this. When you're down and out and you're getting your you know what kicked in by some perp - who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters? You're gonna call the same people you're demonizing today." 

Listen to Newell's full commentary and conversation with callers below.

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