Mayor Cantrell tells Newell Normand - New Orleans has unspent BILLIONS!

Newell Normand
May 26, 2018 - 3:29 pm

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell stopped by the studio to spend an hour with Newell Normand.  They drilled down on lots of key issues:

  • What's the plan to get new leadership in the Sewerage and Water Board and instill public confidence in the organization?
  • Two weeks into your term, have there been any surprises? What's different moving from the City Council to the mayor's office?
  • You reappointed Michael Harrison as superintendent of NOPD. What’s your goal?  What is your mission?
  • What's going to happen with the Louisiana State Police? Are they staying? Are they gone?
  • Will you conduct a performance audit of the Department of Revenue to assess how well (or poorly) collection efforts are going?

In addition, here are some of Newell Normand's HOT TAKES:

  • Looks like we’ll really get to see the Chief be the Chief.  Mayor Cantrell has no intention of micromanaging NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison.  She told the Chief what her mission is - and in her words - “you’re the expert - you handle it.”  And, Mayor Cantrell insists she doesn’t want to harp on stats year to year - she wants Chief Harrison to work on the problems day to day - like juvenile crime.  She wants to track those results.
  • Wow!  Mayor Cantrell’s biggest surprise - UNSPENT money - BILLIONS!  WHAT?!?  She asked FEMA to send reps to help figure out where to apply the money, so New Orleans doesn’t lose it.  Not losing federal dollars is critical. In many respects, that's a free opportunity to improve ourselves, day-in and day-out, making sure we get projects done.
  • Mayor Cantrell has experience in politics, having been a City Councilmember. But this is different…being Mayor is different.  I spent a number of years working for Sheriff Harry Lee; but when I sat in that chair, it occurred to me that the perspective and the view was vastly different even though I just walked 30 steps down the hall. 
  • It struck me as odd when I heard New Orleans didn't have water towers. I've been hunting in the backwoods of Mississippi and run across water towers. Instead of having a pump to keep the pressure in the water lines, gravity keeps the pressure in the lines throughout the city.

Check out Newell's whole conversation with Mayor LaToya Cantrell below.

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