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Wade's LSU Tigers eyeing more than just hot start in SEC

Mark Menard
January 28, 2020 - 2:01 pm

The LSU Basketball Tigers are starting to turn heads. Currently riding an eight-game winning streak and sitting at 6-0 in conference play, LSU broke back into the AP Top 25 this week at #22. But Coach Will Wade says his Bayou Bengals are far from a finished product.

"We've got to get better," Wade said. "This is not going to work, what we've got going here. It's not sustainable. It's not sustainable for another month, for sure. We've got to be better. We've got to be smarter and get ourselves out of these situations."

Wade says the flaws are readily apparent when watching the game film.

"We've just got to cut down on our mistakes. We've got to cut down on our turnovers... We're gonna get all of that corrected," he said.

Wade believes if they can just get a shot off on every possession, they could win by far greater margins.

"If we just get a shot on the basket, we're a good team. We've just got to get a shot on the basket. And then we've got to stick to our defensive gameplan," Wade said.

The Tigers' third-year coach also says he's not trying to be negative about his team's unbeaten start in the SEC, but that he sees how good this team can be, and that being good in January simply isn't enough.

"We've got to get better because this is no way to live. It's great that we're 6-0 and I'm happy and all of that stuff. I'm not trying to rain any parades or anything like that. But you don't get trophies at the 33% mark. We're building towards being a good team in March," Wade said.

#22 LSU is back in action Wednesday night battling Alabama on WWL.

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