SEE: Cam Jordan's new look

Saints defender cautions league to "fear the stache"

Mark Menard
July 08, 2019 - 6:50 pm

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan has an uncanny ability to show the more sly, winking aspects of his personality in his official team photos, but it seems he's leveled up in 2019.

Monday afternoon, NBC's Sunday Night Football twitter account gave the world a sneak peek of what Jordan has served up for the new season, and it's... something.

Jordan has been more than just a pretty face during his tenure in the Big Easy, racking up 25 sacks over the past two seasons and becoming a driving force behind the renaissance of the Fleur De Lis D. It's a breakout that certainly gives weight to Jordan's warning that the NFL should "fear the stache" in 2019.

Jordan and the Saints make their first appearance on the next season of SNF in Week 4 when they play host to the Dallas Cowboys.


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