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Saints' Thomas earning his paycheck

Strief says team's top wideout proving his value

Mark Menard
October 05, 2019 - 12:31 pm

While it wasn't exactly the most unpopular move in franchise history when the Saints made Michael Thomas the highest-paid receiver in the NFL this offseason, there were some fans and pundits who thought the decision wasn't in the team's best interest in the long run.

In the wake of the injury to Drew Brees, those doubters are being proven wrong. So says the voice of the Saints Zach Strief.

"Mike Thomas has proven in two games exactly why it is that you paid him all that money," Strief said. "He is a reliable target for any quarterback that knows in the situation where they need one, they're gonna find a way to get it to Mike Thomas, and he's gonna catch the ball. He's gonna be in the right place, and he's gonna get some yards for you. He was targeted nine times in the game against Dallas. He caught the ball nine times."

To take it further, in two games with Teddy Bridgewater throwing him the ball, Thomas has been targeted 16 times. He has 14 catches for 149 yards and a touchdown, proving he doesn't need a future Hall of Famer throwing him the ball to be productive.

Thomas will try to continue that production Sunday at noon when the Saints host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on WWL. Our coverage starts that morning at 8. You can hear more of Zach and his radio partner Deuce McAllister breaking down the value of Michael Thomas by clicking the podcast link.

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