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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joins WWL Radio, reflects on Tom Benson's legacy

"He's a great man. . .a gentleman at all times"

Mark Menard
March 15, 2018 - 8:48 pm

“He’s a great man. While I knew he was struggling, whenever you hear that news, the finality of it is difficult.”

Those were the words of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, reflecting on the death of Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson on WWL Radio Thursday night. Goodell joined Seth Dunlap on “Double Coverage.”

“He was a man who loved the New Orleans community,” Goodell said, “loved the New Orleans Saints, loved football. He cared so deeply about his community and giving them something to be proud of and invested a great deal to that community. One of the things I’ve thought a lot about is handing him that Super Bowl trophy, which is something he was deeply proud of. I know the people of New Orleans were, and they should have been. But he also served a tremendous role in league matters. He was chairman of the finance committee. He was one of the more active owners we had. There weren’t many decisions that Tom wasn’t intimately involved with and really guided a lot of the decisions that were made during my years as commissioner but also Paul Tagliabue’s.”

Goodell also discussed the way Benson was viewed by the other owners in the league.

“He was viewed with great respect and admiration, not only for what he did for New Orleans but also for the league,” Goodell said. “But I think just as a man as a person, he was always somebody who always cared about others, always put others first. He was a gentleman at all times. He was firm, but he did it with a natural charm that I think endeared him to everyone in the NFL and so many others.”

Benson passed away Thursday at the age of 90. He owned the Saints for 33 years. You can hear the full audio of Goodell’s interview by clicking the podcast link below.

Roger Goodell Reflects On Tom Benson

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joins Seth Dunlap to reflect on the life of Saints owner Tom Benson.

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