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Nate Stupar says Saints have "win or go home" mentality

Mark Menard
January 04, 2018 - 10:07 pm

Saints linebacker Nate Stupar joined Deke Bellavia Thursday night for the Veterans Ford Players Show at Hooters in Metairie. Stupar talked about the mindset of the team as they head into the postseason for the first time in four years.

"Win-or-go-home is a big part of how people prepare," Stupar said. "Giving their all because, you know what, this could be the last game you play until next year. I think that puts a lot of pressure on people and pushes them even more to be their best."

"Every step to the Super Bowl gets faster and faster and faster. I think that's why the win-or-go-home mentality is so large. Every play is important. During the season, you believe that. But you're giving it all because it could be your last game."

Stupar touched on where the Saints are in relation to their preseason checklist.

"I feel like we've met a lot of our goals," Stupar said, "but there's only one that really matters. We have the opportunity, and we just need to go and grab it."

Stupar then delved into this week's matchup as the Saints prepare for a third battle with Carolina.

"Physical," Stupar began. "I know Carolina's been running the ball a lot more, and they've been running it successfully. Their defense in the last quarter of the season has been getting a lot more turnovers. So we need to stop their run, make Carolina pass the ball, don't turn the ball over and create turnovers. If we do that, I think it will be a great day."

The Saints host the Panthers in the wild-card round of the playoffs Sunday at 3:40pm on WWL. Our coverage starts that morning bright and early at 9am.

You can hear the full audio of Stupar on the Players Show by clicking the podcast link below.


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