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Brees: Saints had opportunities vs. Vikings

Mark Menard
September 13, 2017 - 10:59 pm

Saints quarterback Drew Brees joined Bobby Hebert for the first 2017 edition of his weekly "QB To QB" segment Wednesday night on WWL Radio, and not surprisingly, the early part of the discussion centered on his team's season-opening loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Brees lamented his team's failure to punch the ball into the end zone early in the ball-game despite repeatedly coming close.

"It just lets you know how much of a game of inches this is," Brees said, "where one or two plays determine the outcome. I thought we moved the ball effectively. With only having eight possessions, to get down there five times is a good percentage, but man, you need touchdowns, not just field goals."

One of the bright spots in the loss was the much-improved play of tight end Coby Fleener. A high-dollar free-agent acquisition in 2016, Fleener underachieved last season. But against the Vikings, Fleener looked like the player the Saints paid for, leading the Saints' receiving corps with five catches for 54 yards and the black and gold's only touchdown of the night.

"He's one of our weapons." Brees said. "Coby's a tall guy with good range. There's places you can throw the ball. He likes to go up and get it above his head. He was able to make two really nice catches there and was really productive for us."

From there, Brees turned his attention to this week's opponent, the New England Patriots, fresh off of a Super Bowl championship season, and even fresher off of a Week 1 loss of their own. Brees discussed what the Kansas City Chiefs did to drop the Patriots to 0-1.

"You know what?" Brees started. "They played really fast. They had a great gameplan. They've got so many of these players that are hybrid-type guys. Obviously we know what [Travis] Kelce is as a tight end - arguably one of the best tight ends in the league. They moved Kelce all over the place. At one point he even took a snap as quarterback in the shotgun.

"They ran shovel passes. They ran toss-crack plays. They ran speed sweeps and faked the speed-sweeps to throw vertical routes. Kansas City does all kinds of great stuff with Andy Reid and all their personnel. And Alex Smith being an extremely intelligent guy can get you in and out of the right plays. They just played with great tempo and really had a great gameplan."

Brees and the Saints face off with the Patriots Sunday at noon on WWL. Our coverage starts that morning at 8am. You can hear the full audio of "QB To QB" by clicking the podcast link below.


Brees: Saints "had opportunities" vs. Vikings

Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees about the Saints' loss to the Vikings and upcoming matchup with the Patriots.

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