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Brees keeping things simple as he stares down history

Mark Menard
October 03, 2018 - 8:03 pm

Staring down what will surely be one of the greatest personal achievements in his NFL career when all is said and done, Drew Brees is worried about the task at hand – helping his Saints win a fourth straight game and head into the bye week leading the NFC South.

“Right now, I’m just trying to focus on my preparation this week to help us win the game and know that all that other stuff takes care of itself if I can just narrow down my focus and think about that,” Brees said. “I know that can be hard to do. Obviously there’s going to be a lot of attention this week. But I’m really just trying to keep it as simple as possible and worry about winning the game.”

Brees spoke on the topic during his weekly “QB To QB” segment with Bobby Hebert on WWL Radio Wednesday night.

Brees is poised to become the NFL’s all-time passing yardage leader, needing just 201 yards to bypass Brett Favre (#2 on the list) and Peyton Manning (#1), an amount of yards he will likely achieve in the Superdome Monday night when the 3-1 Saints face 2-1 Washington.

However, any quarterback’s best friend is the run-game, and Brees is thankful that the Saints seem to have found their ground-and-pound groove in recent weeks, and that they should be even more punishing to defenses with running back Mark Ingram returning from his league-imposed four-game suspension.

“It opens up a lot of opportunities because a defense, first and foremost, is gonna try to stop the run,” Brees said. “They’re not gonna allow you to just to sit there and get 5 or 6 yards a pop. So they’re gonna have to do things differently. They’re gonna have to pressure. They’re gonna have to bring additional defenders into the box which opens up opportunities in the passing game. The opportunities for big plays, right? One on one matchups. The first two games I think were skewed a little bit because of the situations we were in. I feel like the last two games, we’ve been able to execute our offense, our total offense a little bit better. I think the rushing yardage reflected that way.”

“Obviously having a guy like Mark back,” Brees continued, “not only just his productivity and what he brings with that one-two punch and that balance with him and Alvin both sharing a lot of that load. But just who he is in the locker room. Who he is on gameday. Who he is at practice. Man, he’s just a true pro. Nobody’s more respected than him in our locker room. It’s just great to have him back.”

In scouting Washington, Brees said it’s obvious why they’ve been able to limit the offenses they’ve faced.

“Their pass rush,” Brees said. “They get to the quarterback. As I’m sitting there watching film, guys are not having a whole lot of time to throw the ball. And typically when you’re making big plays down the field, ou’re able to hold it. You’re able to see what’s happening down the field and then make the right decision, throw the ball with the proper timing. They force you to rush things. It makes it more difficult… You’ve got to earn any big plays you’re able to make against these guys.”

Brees and the Saints host Washington in the Superdome Monday night on WWL. You can hear the full audio of “QB To QB” by clicking the podcast link.

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