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Meet Lucas! The First Gerber Spokesbaby with Down Syndrome

Gerber has announced their 2018 spokesbaby and his name is Lucas. The 1-year-old child from Dalton, Georgia is the first baby with Down Syndrome to win the company's contest since it began in 2010. According to TODAY , his parents shared Lucas' photo on Instagram using the contest's hashtag and was... Read More

Why Getting Into 'Proposal Shape' Is the Latest Wedding Trend

The latest wedding trend might seem like a bit of a stretch, however, it seems most brides to be are now getting into proposal shape. Sure, we've heard of wedding diets, but the new race down the aisle will cost you. According to the New York Post , when Princess Eugenie of York was rumored to get... Read More

Toys "R" Us to Close One-Fifth of Its Stores

Toys "R" Us is set to close one-fifth of its stores scheduled to begin in February. Although not all locations are finalized, the 182 stores on the list are due to their bankruptcy organization plans. According to USA Today , the company "filed court documents outlining plans" on Tuesday (January... Read More

Kid's Ambitions Today Are Being Shaped by YouTube

Children today are more likely to have their ambitions shaped by YouTube than by their parents, teachers, or even books. New York Life Insurance Company and Fatherly conducted a study which surveyed over 1,000 kids. According Fast Company , the most desired job for children in the United States is... Read More

CVS to Stop Beauty Product Photo Alterations

CVS Pharmacy has announced that the company plans on being photoshop free by 2020. Due to health concerns raised by the retail store, the policy is set to help everyone become socially conscious. According to Elle , the corporation "will no longer digitally alter its in-house beauty ads beginning... Read More

Sam's Club Closes 63 Locations Across U.S.

As of today (January 11), Sam's Club has closed 63 stores across the United States. Not only did the company shut down several locations abruptly, it has now impacted more than 11,000 people. According to Business Insider , each Sam's Club employs about 175 people and not one person was notified... Read More

Hurricane Maria Caused Shortage of IV Bags at Hospitals Across U.S.

Hospitals across the country are facing a nationwide shortage of intravenous bags. A manufacturer for the product in Puerto Rico was affected by Hurricane Maria in September which has stalled production. According to The Wall Street Journal , "the availability of saline IV bags has plummeted" and "... Read More

Dunkin' Donuts Eliminates Artificial Dyes and 10% of Menu

Dunkin' Donuts has announced some major changes to their menu which will go in affect as early as mid-March. The fast food restaurant chain will eliminate all artificial dyes from their donuts as well as some smoothies, sandwiches, and breakfast items. According to Fortune , this is a part of the... Read More

Will Chocolate Go Extinct by 2050?

Chocolate is apparently on track to become extinct by the year 2050. Yes, chocolate. Business Insider reports that over half of the world's chocolate comes from Cacao plants in just two countries in West Africa. The plant can only continue to grow in "rainforested land" 20 degrees north and south... Read More