Zion brings hope to the Pelicans and New Orleans

Kristian Garic
June 20, 2019 - 11:55 am

When the New Orleans Pelicans select Duke superstar Zion Williamson number one overall in the NBA draft tonight, hope comes along with the best player in the draft.

Williamson is a once a decade player!  He’s instantly the face of the franchise.  A franchise ensconced in misfortune and previously poor front office decisions.  

David Griffin pulled off the Anthony Davis trade with cunning precision, setting up the Pelicans for the next eight years.  Zion will be the centerpiece for any future success.  His boyish smile, infectious personality and all-for-one team approach make him a dream fit for the organization and city that has been spurned by basketball super stars Chris Paul and Anthony Davis.  

New Orleans can be a two sport town.  New Orleans wants to support a winner.  That’s what the Crescent City is getting Thursday night in the NBA draft.  Zion Williamson is a proven winner with the charisma and leadership the Hornets turned Pelicans lacked with AD or Chris Paul.  For casual Pelicans fans like me, I’m giddy about Zion coming to NOLA.  I’m downright beaming with excitement.   Sure, some will pan this pick saying he’ll be gone in 8 years or the Pelicans will screw it up.  Maybe.  You can think all things are impossible…or possible.  I just think this guy is different.  I think the Pelicans are an elevated organization with Griffin at the helm.   

Williamson may be to the New Orleans Pelicans what Drew Brees is to the New Orleans Saints.  Zion doesn’t have to be the savior; he just has to embrace the city, and win.  If he wins and wins big, Zion Williamson is going to be a god in this city…just like Drew.  

For the once scorned lover that is New Orleans, it’s our time to fall in love all over again with a worthy soulmate that is Zion!  Hoop Dat!  

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