Small victory in court for Hahnville QB Andrew Robison

Kristian Garic
October 16, 2018 - 3:07 pm

Hahnville High School quarterback Andrew Robison and his attorney had a small victory today in court appealing his season-long ineligibility ruling from the LHSAA at the beginning of September.  The 29th District court denied the LHSAA six exceptions that included a possible change of venue.  The Robison family removed their injunction against Hahnville High School and hope to have arbitration next week. 

Hahnville wouldn’t play Robison, despite the protection from the court, out of fear of future punitive action from the LHSAA.  Andrew Robison now hopes to win arbitration next week.  That could get Robison on the field for the final two regular season games.  The LHSAA will appeal today’s ruling from the 29th judicial court. 

This ruling doesn’t get Robison on the field this week against East St. John, but it shows people can successfully challenge the LHSAA in court. 

David Moyer represents Andrew Robison; he will be on WWL Sports Talk today at 4:35 to further explain today’s outcome.



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