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Saints not blaming youth for lack of success

Players remain optimistic despite the ugly loss on Monday night

Kristian Garic
September 13, 2017 - 11:08 pm

The Saints started more than four rookies on offense or defense in their Monday night loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night.  Saints Safety Kenny Vaccaro isn't blaming the youth on defense for a poor performance.  

"I messed up on some plays, it wasn't just the young guys. I think everybody has to look in the mirror. It wasn't just because young guys were on the field," Vaccaro said.  

It won't be any easier this week when the Saints face the New England Patriots in the Superdome. The Patriots are likely in a bad mood after dropping their season opener last Thursday night.  The Patriots are 6.5 point favorites at home. 

"I'm surprised that what we just put on tape we're not more. To be honest, every team faces is going to be an underdog. That's for Vegas and the betters though," Vaccaro said. 

The Saints understand what's on the line, and staring a third straight 0-2 start to the season makes them desperate early in the season. 

"We gotta bounce back, we gotta get this one," Vaccaro explained.  

They need it alright, and need it badly.  My approach is simple from week one, it's never as bad as it looked, and it's never as good either.  The confidence of the Saints defense is certainly fragile, but not shattered so far.  

"We're a pretty confident group in here. We know we gotta bonce back and that is what we plan to do," said Quarterback Drew Brees.  

Several Saints defenders insist that what you saw on Monday night will not define them this season.

"It's not going to be the last two or three years type of defense. We're going to be a good defense, and I think you guys are going to see it in the next few weeks," explained Cornerback P.J Williams.  

​We'll find out if the defense that we saw in the preseason is the one we'll eventually see in the regular season or if it was just that...the preseason. 

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