Jul 28, 2018; Metairie, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints center Will Clapp (64) prepares to snap in team drills during training camp at New Orleans Saints Training Facility

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Describing Saints practice in one word? Competitive!

Kristian Garic
August 01, 2018 - 2:14 pm

2009 was my first year covering the team.  What stood out early on that training camp was how competitive the practice was between the offense and defense.  Jonathan Vilma going back and forth with Drew Brees.  Those practices helped sharpen the entire team for what ended up being a Super Bowl Championship season.  This year the Saints have that same vibe going on in practice. Ultra competitive battles.  Back and forth, trash talking and confidence.  You can see both sides of the ball competing hard to win the drill or practice.  That's so healthy for a football team. 

"This is the most competitive and lively defense since I've been here.  I know it's early, but they're enjoying the process.  We're enjoying competing against them. We feel like we're the offense in the league when we step on the field and can challenge any defense, and they're challenging us," said saints left tackle Terron Armstead. ​

Again we are early in training camp but goodness that's a strong statement from Terron.  I just remember a lot of players from that 2009 team pointing back to the competition against each other in training camp that season being a big contributing factor in the Saints have that special season.  Time will tell if we can say the same about this group.  

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