Saints are best in NFL up front, on defense and offense

Kristian Garic
October 23, 2019 - 2:35 pm

Wondering why the Saints have been able to win five straight games without Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees?  Look no further than the big guys in the trenches on offense and defense. 

There is no stat to qualify this opinion, only what I’ve seen with my eyes.   The offensive line has only given up 12 sacks so far this season.  The Saints have tallied 20 sacks through seven games.  That puts the Saints D on pace to surpass their sack total last season.  Impressive.

The defensive line is incredibly disruptive.  And, what makes the Saints defensive squad even more dangerous, there isn’t just one guy wreaking havoc up front.  Cam Jordan is his usual stellar self, but interior defensive linemen David Onyemata, Sheldon Rankins and Malcolm Brown are giving the Saints great snaps in a very deep and talented defensive line rotation. 

Five years ago every Who Dat in the nation would shutter at the notion of the Saints reporting to a cold weather environment for an NFC championship game.  Now?  We should embrace that possibility.  The Saints are structured to play and win it the toughest of games and roughest environments.  Up front the Saints are the best in the league.  If they have to play smash mouth football, they can.  If they have to play a tight nip-and-tuck kind of game, that’s fine too.  High scoring game - bring that on!  There isn’t a style of play the Saints offense & defense line can’t match & raise. 

Oh, and just to make the Saints scarier, their Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees is on the mend and could return to the lineup against the Cardinals.   Good luck to the rest of the NFL.  Well, maybe not. 

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