Saints and NOLA No Call center stage at NFL Owners Meetings

Kristian Garic
March 24, 2019 - 9:04 pm

The 100th year NFL annual meeting might be one of the biggest in the league’s existence, following the infamous "NOLA No Call.”  The NFL Competition Committee will discuss and vote on whether to move forward on seven different proposals to expand instant replay, including replay that involves pass interference. If the 8 member committee votes to expand replay, it will then go to the NFL owners.  Two thirds of the league owners would have to vote in favor of the proposal for the rule to be put in place. 

Photos: NFL Owners arrive in Phoenix for annual meetings

One proposal from the Denver Broncos passed 7-1 in the Competition Committee.  The Broncos proposal gives a team the option (once per game and only during the 4th quarter) of bypassing a kick off (or onside kick) in favor of attempting to maintain possession of the football by converting a 4th and 15 from their own 35 yard line. 

I talked to several NFL national reporters and experts and they feel a solution on expanded replay might not come from this week’s league meetings.  The NFL could vote/decide to table those discussion until the owners meet again in May.  

Aside from the rule change proposals, we'll have our first chance to sit down with Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson, since last year's NFL meetings.  Mrs.Benson was outspoken following the NOLA No Call and challenged the league about the integrity of the game.  Gayle Benson will also likely address the direction of the Pelicans going forward as their search for a new General Manager continues.  

We will also get a chance to visit with Saints head coach Sean Payton and address several recent Black & Gold issues including the abrupt retirement of Max Unger, and the additions of Malcolm Brown, Mario Edwards Jr, and Nick Easton.  Plus, I'm sure he'll have some early insight in the upcoming NFL draft. 

The atmosphere here is exciting, yet protective. Exactly what you expect in a place filled with NFL movers, shakers, decision makers, and thought leaders, who also happen to be some of the richest people in the world.  The Saints owner, top brass & head coach are front and center; everybody wants a piece of them.  Also, as a representative of WWL, Saints Radio, I continually hear the same three words from most people I encounter, “Y’all got screwed.” 

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