A rule is a rule, right? Not for the LHSAA

Kristian Garic
September 14, 2018 - 4:30 pm

Now, for those who say a rule is a rule, when it comes to the Hahnville/Andrew Robison controversy, here is my retort.   I'm fine with that concept, however, enforce the rules equitably - for everyone.  

Vandebilt Catholic offered Andrew's father (Drew) money and free tuition for Andrew, if he stayed on the coaching staff as a volunteer. This, of course, coming after the school decided not to renew his contract, according to a source I spoke with.  Enforce the rules for everyone.  

Want more?   The LHSAA has a contract with high schools and for the 5A state championship football teams. Those schools were supposed to receive 15k; they received 9K.  The LHSAA says the Superdome is "too expensive," so they violated a rule and did not pay the 5A schools the money they were obligated to pay.  Enforce the rule!

John Curtis had to forfeit a game 3 years ago, but have yet been told why.  The LHSAA is INCONSISTENT at best.  

The LHSAA executive director has overturned rulings in the past and has the power to do so in this case.  He’s just chosen not too.  

It’s my opinion that the LHSAA is tone deaf void of any compassion or spine.  Yesterday during the appeal hearing, the executive committee members hearing the appeal from a poised Andrew Robison were on their cell phones.  The committee had a predetermined decision, and Robison had no chance from the moment he walked into the room. 

Is that fair?

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Editor's note: Suspended Hahnville coach Nick Saltaformaggio has worked with WWL Radio on occasion during prep football broadcasts.

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