Saints superstar RB Alvin Kamara is like Jell-O

Kristian Garic
July 27, 2018 - 3:17 pm

How many times last year did we see defenders look like they were going to take Saints RB Alvin Kamara to the ground with a big hit?  A bunch, right?  Then the defender would just bounce off of him like he were rubber. Well, I sat down with the second year running back and asked about how and why that happens. 

It's actually an ability to relax his diaphram and contort his body at the time of impact to make would-be monster hits turn into small jabs.

"It's like Jell-O, trying to move and distort your body so the defender can't get a clean shot on you." Jell-O, what a tasty treat.  There might be an endorsement opportunity for Kamara with that comparison.

"I just kind of figured it out.  It was one of those things when you're young and playing football.  It just clicked for me, and that became my style," Kamara explained. 

You can listen to my whole interview with Kamara below.

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