Memorial Day - don’t thank Veterans - memorialize our heroes

Kristian Garic
May 24, 2019 - 2:23 pm

Patriotism is one of my favorite virtues.  I love this country with every fiber of my soul.  I would die for this country!  I love you and the USA that much.  

Every May I get a little worked up.  I hear commercials or public service announcements encouraging Americans to thank veterans for their service.  While I appreciate the notion of paying respect to guys and gals like me that have served this beautiful country, I get a little perturbed.  For every thank you I might get this weekend, I will say thank you right back.  However, I’m quick to remind those who thank me…this isn’t my day!

Memorial Day is defined in its title.  Memorial Day is the preservation of memory for those who fought and died for this country, not for veterans who served and are still living.  I take this seriously, because as you know, I am proud that I served in the U.S. Marine Corp, but I’m also still living and breathing.  Others served, but died in service to this magnificent country we love so much.  When I hear people say Happy Memorial Day, I cringe, because for those that are memorialized this weekend it wasn’t so happy for them.  

As a nation I want us to get this weekend right.  There are plenty of days to thank veterans who served in the military.  Veterans Day is in November, or you can thank us/them on any other day of the week…just not Memorial Day.  I use the day to think about the heroic men and woman who fought and died for my ability to write this, my ability to talk on the radio, my ability to watch sports, my ability to live in a country with so many great freedoms.  I use Memorial Day to think about the men and woman who are still missing in action, and the families who don’t have peace, because their loved ones never returned home.

Today, please don’t thank living veterans.  Reflect and memorialize those that made the ultimate sacrifice to America by giving their lives so we don’t have to give ours!

Serving our country is one of the greatest honors of my life.  It’s an honor I cherish, but giving your life for your country is even more honorable.  Thinking about the brave individuals, gave their life for me and you, is what this weekend is about.

Thank you, and God bless the USA.

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