LSU wanted a true rivalry - they got it, Texas A&M

Kristian Garic
November 27, 2018 - 10:53 pm

The dust has settled (kinda) for the Tigers after Saturday’s wildly exhausting seven overtime game against Texas A&M.  For years LSU fans haven’t had a true rival.  Sure, every LSU fan wants to beat Alabama, but so does every other fan base in the S.E.C..  LSU has to win that game first for the Crimson Tide to be a rival.  Auburn isn’t the Tigers rival, Alabama is Auburn’s rival.  Ole Miss doesn’t apply as a rival either.  Since the Arkansas game is no longer played the day after Thanksgiving, that squashed a “quasi rivalry” with the Hogs.

After Saturday night’s record setting game, I’d say the Texas A&M Aggies are now the LSU biggest rival.  The rivalry was born after a 74-72 win for A&M, who had previously lost six straight to LSU.  The madness that ensued after the game with fights and sharp criticism against the officials added fuel to a newly born feud.  That game will be talked about for decades, and those moments in sports are what creates an opponent, who is more than a competitor, but the enemy.  When a team beats another team and prevents them from winning a benchmark of 10 wins for the season, it’s a rivalry, a conflict that measures far beyond a game.

The coaches involved makes this new rivalry especially interesting.  Jimbo Fisher is in his first year at College Station, and handed LSU a heartbreaking, much disputed loss with a team he didn’t hand-select.  So this rivalry should be a fun one to watch grow over the next hand full of years.  Not to mention, Fisher has ties to LSU as the former offensive coordinator and knows how to recruit in Louisiana.  When the Aggies joined the SEC, this is what the conference had in mind.  LSU and Texas A&M forging a contentious rivalry!  The SEC got what they wanted!  It’s on now between the Tigers and Aggies. 

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